St. Agnes Monastery

St. Agnes Monastery
Benedictine Sisters of St. Agnes | photo found at


The migration across the world begins tomorrow for Maggie and I.  We'll leave the monastery-our home-when the sun is rising and get to our intended destination as it is setting.... days later.  The trek is a long one.  The longest of our lives, no doubt.  The fact that we refuse to actually calculate the distance and time it will take is both telling of our horrible math skills (we were in Math Exploration together our second year... and it was bad) and our excitement for what will be one of the biggest, bumpiest, GREATEST road trips.  In a bus we'll drive through a few national parks and game reserves whose names I will surely know asap.  Honestly, I'd be content with one rhino and one giraffe.  They are my favorites and I know I'll switch to tourist mode if I get a chance to see one. 

Although it would make the hours of busing wild and entertaining, our intention is to arrive safely at St. Agnes Monastery in Chipole, Tanzania (not to be confused with ChipoTle) where we will be joining the Benedictine sisters in ten months of service.  Chipole is in southwestern Tanzania near Lake Nyasa.  You may try to google it or find it on a map but I haven't been able to find the exact location.  Daunting.  Exciting.  We are unsure of what it is exactly that we will be working in but know that there are numerous opportunities for us to grow, learn, and serve the local community. 

Thanks to all who have worked hard in creating such a unique program for the four BWSC volunteers to experience.  It is just the beginning but I am already so grateful for the encouragement and excitement that surrounds us and the program.  It has helped prepare us in big ways.           

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